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Legal Malpractice

Mr. Sullivan has literally handled hundreds of legal malpractice cases. 

After ten years defending attorneys, Mr. Sullivan began representing members of the public who were harmed by their misconduct.

In the last twenty years he has handled exclusively the prosecution of attorneys for legal malpractice in a wide range of cases.  A small sample of his results include:

Negligence in Family Law case – Attorney did not request Court hold mother and child’s’ passports.  Mother left the US taking child with her.  Mr. Sullivan obtained a settlement large enough for client to go to Europe and pursue the return of his child in the courts there.

Mishandling Immigration case.  – Wife and child of law enforcement officer were going to be deported due to attorney negligence.  Mr. Sullivan able to resolve the case for a number large enough to fund a successful appeal.  The family is united and remains here in the US.

Mr. Sullivan has handled a legal malpractice cases arising out of both litigation and non-litigation matters.

Those involved in litigation include mishandled personal injury cases, personal injury cases, and contractual, transnational and patent matters.