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Personal Injury

Mr. Sullivan has handled over a dozen wrongful death cases, including cases against government entities, which are notoriously difficult to obtain redress on.  He obtained a significant payout for the heirs of persons who were killed on public property with a history of criminal events, yet was not secured or supervised in spite of the public agency knowing of the history of criminal conduct and the clear and present danger.

Mr. Sullivan obtained a settlement in a case where a swimming facility was not properly operated and where the negligence resulting in the drowning of a child; the swimming area was not completely fenced in and he showed that there were well worn pathways leading to the holes in the fence, effectively making the swimming area unfenced, which, in combination with the discovery of the witnesses who testified that the lifeguards were not watching the children as they should have, resulted in the needless death of a young child.

Mr. Sullivan obtained the largest reported Plaintiffs Verdict on a “slip and fall” case in San Mateo County, recovering over $475,000 on slip and fall accident without any resulting surgery.  The defendant, and automotive dealer and service center left oil spilled in the “customer repair drop off area”.  The client slipped and fell, injuring her lower back.